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Custom Dosage Forms
We offer some of our preparations in the form of a lollipop.  Whether for a child with a sore throat or an adult in need of relief from a dry mouth, we're sure to have a flavor to suit your taste.  Why swallow a pill when you can ENJOY a lollipop?
Sometimes it's easier to rub a little lotion on than have to swallow a pill multiple times a day.  We offer a wide variety of effective transdermal (through the skin) medications to suit your needs.  Whether you're in need of medication for pain, balancing your hormones, or nausea - we've got you covered!
Medication can also be offered as a tasty treat!  Just place one of our personally tailored troches (lozenges) between your cheek and gum, and forget about the rest.  You can even choose your favorite flavor. From coffee or raspberry to cheesecake, we're sure to have a flavor you'll love.
Seasonal allergies?  Current or historical fungal or bacterial nasal infections?  We compound custom nasal sprays that the manufacturers just don't offer.  We can help get your sinuses back to normal and back on track!
Do you or your child suffer from ear pain caused by recurring or sporadic ear infections?  Our experienced pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can help.  We tailor ear drops specifically for your individual ailment.  Let us work with your doctor to find what is right for you. 
Do the capsules you're taking not seem to be doing the job?  Maybe the manufacturer doesn't offer a certain dose (1/2 strength, 1/4 strength) or the capsule you currently take isn't offered in a sustained-release formula.  We can tailor dosages specifically to you, and can compound most capsules to be sustained-release, if necessary.